UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Button Remote)


Breathe new life into your room with the UltraBright LED-Strip! Don’t just color your space, control it! This 44-button remote gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of colors and program your own custom settings. The UltraBright™ is easy to install on virtually any flat surface and it peels off


  1. Posted by starlighttbabe, — Reply

    Thank you!! I’m getting some of those led strip lights and want to do the custom colors 💕

  2. Posted by gracesworld111, — Reply

    It isn't fake Olivia

  3. Posted by gbee240138, — Reply

    I still need some more tips on what these things mean

  4. Posted by SorryGracie, — Reply


  5. Posted by sleepy_pqnda, — Reply

    Thank you I really needed this because I just got my led lights

  6. Posted by camilambie2010, — Reply

    izzy great shop I cant get any tho I don't have money

  7. Posted by austinandhermom, — Reply

    I ordered mine in may and it's November and I haven't gotten them

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